IGCA Congress 2012 in Germany



It was very nice time!
Our sincere thanks to all participants and sponsors!




Dear IGCA Members

The IGCA offers a unique opportunity to garden centre owners and managers to  view and share knowledge of best practices in our industry with people from around the world. I am often struck by how similar our individual situations are, although we operate in completely different parts of the world. Each year brings new challenges and it is wonderful to be able to consult with colleagues from around the world on the best way in which to tackle these challenges successfully.

In 2012 we will be visiting Germany, and I encourage you to join us to tour the German Garden Centre Industry. Germany contains some of the best garden centres in the world and it is exciting to be able visit a country that has so much to offer the international garden centre community. The last time the IGCA visited Germany was in 2000 when we visited Munich and the surrounding region. This time we will be visiting the Cologne and Bonn regions, taking in their local industry and local tourist sites.

Delegates will be able to see how the German garden centres have dealt with the economic changes the world has experienced over the last 12 years. There will be a big focus on the exchange of information to give delegates insight into the German way of dealing with these changes.

I am very excited to be able to visit the Floriade during the tour, which is being held in Venlo. The IGCA was lucky enough to visit the Floriade in 2002 on the Netherlands Congress, and since this event is only held every 10 years, we are very lucky to be able to visit it again in 2012.

The post tour this year will include a visit to Gafa, well know to most international delegates. Each year, at the beginning of September, the industry and trade from over 100 countries come together at the garden trade fair in Cologne to have an exchange on the trends and developments in the sector, make contacts, see new products and innovations and place orders for the coming garden season. This year 1,700 suppliers from 53 countries are expected at the garden fair in Cologne. If you haven’t been before, it is well worth a visit.

Look forward to seeing you in Germany,

Nick Stodel